Mulla Essa Village Welfare Association

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Mulla Essa Welfare is a Community Base Organization (CBOs) in Mulla Essa Village. It was Establish at 1983.This welfare is for Mulla Essa Village but it is working in several rural villages in Karachi. It established for solving major social and Political Problems of rural villages and the welfare is successful to do this. The rural villagers believe us then Political Parties to solve the Broblem.We link with the major Donor and Organization like SPO (Strengthen Participatory Organization), HANDS and now we are going to Partnership with CSSP,VNG,UNOY Peace Builders,Shirkat Gah,USaid and also we are try to reach other organization and Network to work together. We are together with local CBOs, Civil Society Networks. Any local, National, International Organization want to work in Karachi Rural then we are ready to work with them with open heart.

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